November 11, 2018
How (+ How Often)
You Should Wash Pillows

Let’s not get into all the gross details—but we use our pillows a lot. Let’s face it, we spend more time with our […]

October 10, 2018
Tips for Pumpkin Carving + Clean Up

Fall is our favorite time of year. Why? It’s filled with activities that are special for the season that will be gone quickly […]

October 10, 2018
Dishwasher, Meet Vinegar

We are always after the most efficient and natural ways to clean. When our dishwasher kept giving us results that were not so […]

October 10, 2018
Good Housekeeping says there’s a tiny magic wand in every pod

Boulder Clean was recently featured in Good Housekeeping’s 10 Dishwashing Detergents That Leave Nothing But a Sparkle Behind. Here’s what they had to […]

October 10, 2018
How to Clean Stainless Steel

Our kitchen is full of stainless steel products that we always want to remain clean for as long as possible. Stainless Steel is […]

September 9, 2018
3 Easy Tips for Families Cleaning Together

Does it ever seem like whenever we clean up one mess, another mess starts to create itself? Everything is sticky somehow and you […]

September 9, 2018
5 Cleaning Combos That Don’t Mix

When faced with grossness at home (read: the whole house has the flu, or you found a cockroach infestation under the sink, or […]

April 4, 2018
Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Dishes will always be there for you, but the oven needs love too. We’ve prepared some deep cleaning tips for you and your […]