At Boulder Clean, we are making clean cleaner. To us, clean means so much more than doing the laundry. It’s about cleaning our homes, our communities—and yes, the environment. Harnessing the power of nature, our products are uniquely formulated with earth’s mightiest plant-based ingredients to create high-performance cleaners, most of which meet the EPA’s Safer Choice Standards. Every clean is kind. Kind to your home, kind to your family and kind to the planet. And with every purchase you make, we give back to 1% for the Planet®. So leave the big messes to us and Play Hard. Clean Easy™.

At 1908 Brands, we’re parents, too. We know the products you bring into your home need to do their job, well. From the snacks you give your kids to the detergent that cleans even the worst stains, everything in every room needs to work. Our purpose is to make home even better, the best it can possibly be. Not just your home, but our home—the world we all share.

That ambition runs in the family. In 1908, William Kent, a relative of our founder, donated 300 acres of Redwood Grove known today as Muir Woods National Monument. An advocate of access for all, he knew if we wanted our home to thrive, we had to protect it. We were founded in this spirit, and apply the same commitment to your home.

It’s a tall order. Home is always evolving, so are the products we need. That means we’re never done innovating and we’ll never settle for something that’s just “okay.” We’ll always look to see how and where we can anticipate your needs, whether it’s in the pantry or the mud room.

So join us as we continue to grow our family of products that make our home—and our world–better. One room, one brand at a time.