5 questions with Steve Savage, CEO of 1908 Brands – Daily Camera 2016

If there’s a first family of green business in Boulder County, it’s the Savages.

Steve Savage for 15 years ran Boulder’s Eco Products, which he founded with his dad, Kent Savage, who himself served as chairman of Eco-Cycle. Eco Products was one of the first companies to offer such items as compostable paper plates and plastic cups.

His current company, 1908 Brands, is named for the year his great-grandfather, William Kent, donated the 300 acres of land that became California’s Muir Woods National Park to the federal government.

But now, Steve Savage is chasing an even bigger legacy: becoming “the next Boulder Brands,” which in November sold for nearly $1 billion.

1908’s recent purchase of Paleo snack maker Wholly Bites last month kicked off what Savage hopes will be a frenzied year of acquisitions. We sat down with Savage to learn more about his ambitious plans: